Hello, lovely readers. I am honored to have you join me here! My name is Haley French. I am a native Coloradan, currently residing in Aberdeen, Scotland with my one and only, Nathan Scott French. We are both here pursuing our PhDs in Divinity at the University of Aberdeen. Nathan is working in Old Testament studies, and I am working in the field of practical theology.

Prior to our move here, we were on staff in church ministry together, serving as Christian Education Coordinators–working with children, youth, adults, and building relationships with quite an amazing congregation of people. In addition, I operated a private counseling practice in Denver, called Transforming Hope Counseling, where I offered clinical therapy to people of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, and walks of life. I now continue to see select clients via video chat from the UK.


I grew up playing the piano and singing. Music is essential to my life. There are few moments throughout a given day when I don’t have something playing in the background…something to sing along to, dance to, or worship with. For several years I led worship as an occupation. And while I am not currently doing so, the passion for it remains within me. I simply say “Yes, Lord” whenever an opportunity arises now for me to lead others in song, and my heart is amazingly fulfilled in those moments.

My Nathan and I enjoy the world and we find great enjoyment in traveling, experiencing new cultures, and in being with those so wonderfully different from us. Nathan lived in Jerusalem for two years before we were married, where he completed a master’s degree in the Bible and the Ancient Near East. He is one of those naturally gifted teachers, with an innate ability to educate and to enlighten the minds of many–young and old. But more than that, he has an amazing ability to disciple others in faith and to mentor in a very natural and endearing way. I am consistently amazed by him.

I have always enjoyed writing, but as I have grown older, I have found the times to be fewer and far between when I get to actually sit and share my thoughts. Life always seems to move at an impressive speed, but with speed and demands, quality of life can suffer. So I decided that I wanted to share with others, but not in a way that felt forced or inauthentic. So I hope and pray that this blog will be both enjoyable for you, and enjoyable for me as I set out to share parts of my life in a simple, fun, and soulful way.

Many blessings!







8 thoughts on “..About..

  1. LOVE all the pictures. you guys are precious. I will look forward to your blogs, haley. and learning more about you dear church kids 🙂

  2. Love the hobby blog! I think of you as an artist so your life has been sort of a hobby. I miss having hobbies. I hope to get back to some hobbies later in my life. If you ever start tatting let me know I would lave to learn that from a friend! I would like to try drawing, making soap, painting and maybe even sewing. Wish I could retire now. 🙂
    blessings to you both Jill Moffat

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