Recap in a jiffy + springtime anticipations!

Here we are, nearly four months since the last time I posted an update. As is clear, I have struggled to keep up on my posts since the start of my PhD program. By the time I finish reading-note taking-typing-reading-note taking-typing at the end of a given day, I struggle to convince myself to switch gears and type for fun! But with the spare moments I have today, I am here and ready to give a running recap of what we’ve been up to and what we have in store for the upcoming months!

February brought a lot of joy. I began my PhD program the first week of the month. I settled into my new office with four other lovely ladies, all brilliant and talented. I jumped headlong into reading; getting my hands on any and all texts that might be relevant to my topic as I’m getting started. As a friend lovingly told me, “The first year in the program will feel like you’re under water and you don’t know which way is up. The second year you’ll still feel like you’re under water, but you’ll start to know which way is up.” We never quite got to what the third year might be like. Neither one of us is there yet. Ha. But I do love an honest appraisal and words from someone who has already completed part of the journey. Good thing I like to swim!! 😉

I celebrated my 30th birthday with several friends, surrounded by fun conversation, laughter, beautiful homemade desserts from my baker friend, and oodles of red and pink to boot! Perfect for this Valentine’s “baby.”

My parents came two weeks later, at the end of the month, and we spent an entire week making up for the six months we’ve been apart. We walked, rode buses, explored, ate, talked, and drank coffee on repeat. It felt wonderful to show them our wee flat, to introduce them to the “granite city” and to tour them around the places we frequent now. Church, offices, campus, historic sites, stores, malls, etc. The goodbye was difficult and of course tears were shed, but the time we had together was priceless.

As we proceeded through March and now into April, we have been busy. I have been in choir rehearsals for our Easter concert (which is tonight!), we’ve been leading our Wednesday night small group for church, and Nathan has been working long hours beyond school work, teaching classes online for CCU. It’s easy for days and weeks to slip by in the routine, but the routine shows that we are settled, more and more, and invested in our new normal in Aberdeen.

With the change of seasons, we are leaving the dark, coldEST months behind us, and we are moving towards long days of sunlight. The daffodils are blooming and the trees are just about to burst into green fullness. We are anticipating the adventure and fun of the months ahead! Nathan’s 32nd birthday in May, seeing Wicked in the theater (been waiting years for this!), friends and family coming for visits, more strolls on the beach, travel to conferences in the UK, and some little excursions of our own! All peppered in between our continuing work and research. Work hard, play hard.

Next weekend we’ll be in Inverness for a spring getaway, and we are looking forward to experiencing another part of the country!

So there’s our update in jiffy! I’ll leave you with an assortment of pictures from the last few months. Until next time. Xx




2 thoughts on “Recap in a jiffy + springtime anticipations!

  1. What a beautiful gift this Easter morning to have your post to read. Thank you Little One. . Ariel l & Greg and children will be here to go to church with me today. I still wish for that wonderful Sunday morning hug as you pop in the door at church You are always with me. Love Grandmother.

  2. Ahh, Haley…just where you are meant to be: following God’s plan for your life and not resisting the hard stuff. It’s lovely to see you and hear a bit about your daily life. Don’t forget that snorkels were invented for just these times! Love you. tmw

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