a wee list of happy things…

Hello, dear friends and family. January 16th…A beautiful Friday morning here. As can be expected, I’m guzzling my coffee and listening to some tunes to get my day going. I have been thinking about this post in the last week, and wondering what my next update might include. Holiday recap? Anticipations for the start of my PhD program in just a few weeks? Normal daily life stuff? Though all that would be fine, I have decided to just do something simple… a little list of things that I’m enjoying here in Scotland. Why? Because I find that I am nearing the point of feeling more adjusted and more settled. And so, I’m beginning to actually notice things that I like. As if my mind and emotions aren’t as centered on the notion of “this is different,” “this is new and strange,” or “back home…” Of course I still find myself saying these things at times, but I seem to be embracing life here more with each week. Passing Christmas and the dawning of 2015 seemed to initiate a shift of sorts. Over the hump and on to the new year!

Nathan has reminded me several times that it takes nearly 6 months to scale the peak of adjustment to life overseas, after which things just start to click and feel good, less awkward, and more like the norm. Yesterday marked 4 months since the day of our arrival here. My 30th birthday, February 14th, will mark 5 months since our departure from Denver.

So I want to share a funny little compilation of things I’m noticing more and enjoying with the passing weeks:

…green grass. year round!! the leaves have fallen off the trees, of course, but the grass stays this electric shade of green and it’s beautiful. makes the dark, winter months more cheery

…more sunlight with each day (we are moving toward the summer months when the sun will stay up until late hours of the night and rise in the wee hours of the morning)

…being close to the sea. seriously cold, yes. but we’re less than a mile away and being near water is so refreshing. you can jog along the entire Aberdeen bay coastline, and it’s gorgeous.

…seeing the big ships anchored off the coast and docked in the harbor (and the lighthouse on the jetty!)

…our humble abode. just the space we need. warm, cozy, simple. it’s starting to feel more like our own

…public transportation. without a car, i find that i am extremely thankful for buses and trains. especially when the wind is blowing 70mph on days like yesterday!!

…adorable little eateries. like the little cafe on campus called Kilau. the best coffee in town and amazingly delicious food. and run by a lovely couple! and Books & Beans and The Coffee House down in the city centre.

…people! we have been surrounded by amazing people since our arrival. through school and church. interesting, funny, cultured, compassionate, engaging, supportive, faithful, faith-filled, smart…the list could go on. just good people, period.

…the size of this city. not too big, not too small. not overwhelmingly touristy. expensive (absolutely!!), but the perfect size for getting around on foot and by bus

…time. these years to be here with Nathan, to be in school together, to travel, to explore, to try new things, and figure life out in another country. i’m always thankful for his sense of urgency and stress that is always significantly less than mine. he keeps me level and grounded. 🙂

…the excitement at the thought of showing our families around to our new city, school, church, and introducing them to new friends here. my parents have officially booked their tickets to come over at the very end of February/early March. you know i’m counting down!

…God’s faithfulness. in all the details. all the time. in the big and small. i see his handiwork and ways that he makes paths through uncharted territory

Just some of the items on my growing list of enjoyments… I’ll leave you with as assortment of pictures from the last month. Xx

On the no. 19 bus. Double decker. We like sitting up top!

On the no. 19 bus. Double decker. We like sitting up top!

Look at that grass!! Stunning, isn’t it?!

Christmas Eve. Enjoying my lovely new shirt and necklace sent from Mom. ❤

Our wee tree with lots of gifts from family. Blessed.

At the bus stop heading for an overnight hotel stay, just for fun!

The first snow on campus since our arrival! It lasted all of 5 minutes, but we were happy.

At the train station in Aberdeen. Nathan heading off for his Society of Old Testament Studies conference in Cambridge.

Selfie time before his train left.

The eastward view from the 7th floor of the Uni library. Those faint little blips of color are ships anchored off of the coast. Please excuse the slant…I must have been sitting awkwardly!

Another slanted view, but a clearer day and look at the coast from the 7th floor of the library! Hello, North Sea.

Some preparatory research and reading before the start of my program. Westward view from the library. A nice little nook…





6 thoughts on “a wee list of happy things…

  1. LOVED all of this including your little Charlie Brown tree! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy each moment. You are “making memories.” God bless you both!
    Miss you tons! ❤

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