A special week in pictures

Hello, dear friends. This was a week chock-full of special moments that I hope I never forget. I had unplanned adventures of my own; adventures with my Nathan; and I remotely shared in the adventure of a lifetime with my brother, Tripp. So knowing that words will not suffice to convey the immense beauty of these places and moments, I will simply allow you to come along on the journey through pictures.  Some have captions, while others do not.

They say an image is worth 1,000 words! So with over 65 photos to share today, you’re certainly getting your fill! Enjoy. Until next time…


7 thoughts on “A special week in pictures

  1. Hi Haley & Nathan,

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos of Scotland!  What a beautiful place the Lord has placed you in.  Enjoy it all and relish in each other’s love.  You are only young once, (without kids) so truly soak up this special time and awesome creation from our Lord.

    We love & miss you!

    Donna & Bill

    • Thank you, Donna! So glad you enjoyed the pictures. It really is stunning here and we’re thankful for the opportunity to live and play in Scotland! 😉 Hope you and Bill might consider coming for a visit! We love and miss you both.

  2. Just checked Tripp’s race results. Wow! Amazing. Thanks for all the great pictures. We miss you LOTS! There is a great candidate for the CE position…keep praying. Love, Sally


    • Hi Sally! Glad you enjoyed the pictures! I agree on Tripp’s race results… WOW. It was absolutely amazing and inspirational! We miss you both!! I received Jim’s email, so I’ll be sure to respond. Excited to hear about the candidate for the CE job! That’s an answer to prayer. Love you guys.

  3. color me green! This Sunday is kirking of the tartans..I’ll be wearing my plaids and listening to the pipes and thinking of you both!!

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