Week 3 + wind + tea

I just finished cleaning up from dinner, and I’m propped comfortably on our 1980’s dark teal love seat, compliments of the University of Aberdeen. Decaf is brewing in the kitchen behind me (side note: the bubbling sound of a brewing coffee pot has to be one of the best sounds on earth…at least to me [insert Folgers ad here]. It’s a windy night, and the trees are blowing loudly just outside the door. I had a productive and fulfilling day, completing some online work, a session with a client, and a visit into the city to meet an ORU friend for afternoon tea at the cutest tea shop, which was OH so delightful! And I must say that it pleases my heart to no end that Nathan and I have friends here from our alma mater. When we walked the halls as students of the ORU seminary severals years back, we could have never imagined that we would 1) be married, 2) be living in Aberdeen for PhD work, 3) be reconnecting with fellow ORUers here! A blessing that I’m gladly receiving!


Afternoon tea service at Cup

In other news, I am sort of in disbelief that it’s already Thursday of week 3 in Aberdeen! The first week or so felt like an eternity, but the days are picking up now. Nathan officially began his program this week, got the keys to his office, and he’s jumping in to his topic, research, and writing. He is feeling exceptionally happy about the fact that he has an actual office space in which to work and write in peace and quiet. The library here is beautiful and aesthetically appealing, but every time we’ve set foot in there, it has been a people zoo. 7 levels of students buzzing around, typing, talking in whispers, walking about, and loading up the elevators to bursting. So needless to say, Nathan is a happy camper, tucked away in his 3rd story office in an old stone building that resembles something straight out of A Christmas Carol. My father says to tell Ebezener and Bob Cratchit hello.

The building where Nathan offices

The building where Nathan offices

I am enjoying the connections we’re making here! So many lovely people from school and from church, and all very willing to connect, to meet up, to have us over for a meal, to be available. Though I know our schedules will fill up and days will become more structured, it has been special for me to have time to enjoy life with some other people, and so soon after we arrived. Immediately, in fact! It helps the transition feel less…um… transitional, if that makes sense.

Autumn & cobblestone streets make a lovely combination

Autumn leaves & cobblestone streets make a lovely pair

We are looking forward to the weekend and more time to explore the city together. There are parks, gardens, shops, cafes and lots of places that people have mentioned that we want to enjoy. And of course a lot of beautiful countryside to see beyond the city limits, which we’ll plan for soon, I hope! Just need to get up the courage to rent a car here and drive a stick, left-handed, on the other side of the road. And as the close-calls increase in number… when I am 2 inches from getting clipped on the curb by a bus blasting by or by a car mirror, the more I second guess the rental car decision. But we will do it one of these weekends soon, and we’ll look forward to sharing pictures with all of you!

This little garden nook off of College Bounds road that I admire with each passing

The little garden nook off of College Bounds road that I admire with each passing

I’ll sign off with one last picture! It was a brisk day, with cool winds bursting through the city. The clouds looked wispy and thin. Tomorrow the rain comes, and it’s supposed to stay for days. Good thing I ordered a waterproof, windproof parka on Amazon UK yesterday. #bundlemeup #wrappedlikeanenchilada #thewinteriscoming (Ok, enough with the hashtags). Until next time! Xoxo

On my walk home. Lovely lovely.

On my walk home. Lovely lovely.


2 thoughts on “Week 3 + wind + tea

  1. Glad it’s going well! PNC is heating up, now have 49 apps. Takes lots of time and patience πŸ™‚ Cold and rainy here too. 2 more weeks of Lewis class. Tell Nathan I miss him πŸ™‚ Take care, have a nice week-end! Bises, Jean

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