Weekend update

Monday will make it a week since our arrival in Aberdeen. We’re enjoying our time here and continuing to adjust. We find that it’s nearly impossible to peel ourselves up and out of bed before 9am (oh, jet lag), and nearly impossible to get to sleep before midnight. And our stomachs continue to growl at odd times, reminding us when it’s a meal time back home.

We have probably walked over 20 miles since Tuesday, and our legs remind us of it! We have been out and about for most of every day getting things to set up for life here. Finding the grocery stores nearby, the bank so we could open a new account, superstores to buy items for our flat, etc. We are also learning how things go differently here than back home, as was to be expected! We sadly left the cell phone store yesterday without our new iPhones…after we saw them, with our names on them, within reach! But until our “chip and pin” cards arrive next week from the bank, we are not up to par with the way people verify their identity here when establishing cell phone plans. Go figure. I guess US passports and drivers’ licenses won’t cut the mustard.

Our wifi is a bit spotty in our flat, making FaceTime calls interesting. Our shower sprays full bore and only at one angle, which coincidently is directly in my face. The downside to being 5’5″ in this shower, friends. And the water temperature fluctuates from lukewarm to boiling a dozen times throughout each bathing experience. We’ve also come to realize that our toilet takes some priming. Two quick pumps and the third will flush… Usually.

While my list of these quirks may seem like a complaint, we’re actually getting on fine here!Β We’re enjoying this new experience and everything we encounter with each new day. I had the pleasure of meeting several more ladies from the Aberdeen Divinity group at a gathering on Wednesday evening. The veterans shared loads of helpful information with us newbies, and we all left with our pick of free goodies for our flats, which were kindly donated. Lamps, pillows, power cords, small appliances, etc., as well as custom made informational packets for those of us settling in. So our welcome has been amazingly warm, which is nothing short of a blessing!

Nathan met with his academic advisor yesterday who will oversee his doctoral dissertation, and he then returned home from the meeting with anticipation and energy. It felt good for him to get the scoop on what to expect starting out; to make his arrival here as a PhD student and the start of his program a reality!

Today the sun has been out for the first time in nearly a week (which is a big adjustment for us Colorado folk who are used to seeing sunshine 95% of the time!) So I enjoyed a cup of coffee with my new friend, Crystal, and her sweet two year old boy and baby girl. We then walked down to the coast so I could officially lay eyes on the North Sea. In our jaunt that way, we came across Nathan who had been out on a morning photography stroll. We all proceeded to the beach and spent some time talking and enjoying the gorgeous scenery! Being near the sea felt refreshing, and I was happy to see people jogging, walking, and playing with their children and family dogs down by the waves.

We are now going to enjoy the rest of our Saturday afternoon before heading out to spend the evening with some other new friends, and contemplate where we’ll begin our weeks of church hunting in the morning! I’ll leave you with some of Nathan’s pictures from today. Xoxo






4 thoughts on “Weekend update

    • Thank you, Elinor! We miss you too!! I hope all is well with you πŸ™‚ Thank you for following on my blog. I’ll be posting regularly with updates and pictures! We’re sending you hugs from Aberdeen!

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