A not so wee little adventure

We are just over the 4-week mark until we depart for our new life in Aberdeen, Scotland! We have been in a whirlwind of preparations and planning, goodbye gatherings, travels, packing, and time with family and friends. We received our finalized visas from the British Consulate. Our flat is secured in Aberdeen, flights are booked, and ending dates at our jobs are coming up fast. In a matter of weeks we will step aboard a plane and enter into an adventure of immense proportions! As the days pass by, the emotions surrounding this life transition continue to rise. Extreme excitement, anticipation, eagerness, mingled with sadness and a burning in my chest when I think of parting from those we love here in the states.

Nathan’s PhD program awaits him, and I find it wonderfully delightful that he will be Dr. Nathan Scott French in the years to come. I look forward to seeing the development of his dissertation and what will be the fruits of hours, days, weeks, months and years of hard, laborious work. I’m excited to be by his side as he pursues what is not only a dream and goal of his, but what he is built to do. His humble brilliance is one of the many reasons I love this man and I feel incredibly blessed to be his wife.

Personally, I am walking into this next chapter of our lives as a bit of a blank slate. Many have asked what my plans are in Scotland, and I answer honestly and happily with, “I’m not really sure!” I have plans to take whatever opportunities the Lord provides, and if you know me, you know that I’m already stewing around on ideas of flexible and sundry work I can do. I have some of those pieces in place, but the larger picture remains unknown as of now. That’s part of the fun of this for me! I can’t recall a single time since early adolescence that I didn’t have some sort of plan in place for most everything in my life. Not that my plans always materialized as I hoped or thought, but I had them. I am a check-list girl. I grew up with sticky notes lining my bedside table. Do this, check that off. So for me, this move to Scotland is quite liberating! I honestly can’t tell you many plans beyond now. Once September 14th hits, it’s all one big adventure and discovery! My calendar remains almost as naked as a jaybird once we skip over the pond! Oh happy day!

There has been a growing theme in our lives with the decision to make this move. SIMPLIFY. That presents itself in many different ways: purging unnecessary and excessive material belongings (aka 500 million car loads to Savers!!); downsizing our lives to 4 suitcases, a couple carry ons, some boxes, and a few furniture items left behind in storage with family. In addition, simplifying by purging busyness, a constant state of being rushed and overbooked, and excessive noise that so easily comes as a part of the 24/7 lifestyle of Americans. Or perhaps just MY American lifestyle!

Don’t get me wrong, we have been immensely grateful for all that our lives have included in recent years! We have grown in relationships with many amazing people, we have served wholeheartedly in ministry, and we have developed as individuals and as a couple. The past few years have been an integral part of the path leading to our tomorrows in Scotland. But the time has come for a change.

So I invite you to follow along on our journey. I really do intend to keep up on the blog consistently, so that you all can partake in our “Scotland Adventure.”  Posts, pictures, updates, and more.

Almost every person we have told about the move says, “What an adventure!” So we take that in and expectantly reply, “Yes! That it will be!”


Passport Case


I had to share this picture of my lovely, purple leather passport case! This was what I might call a gift with a prophetic purpose. My brother, Tripp, purchased this for me this past Christmas. Nathan had just submitted his application to the University of Aberdeen, only days earlier. We had no idea where the path would lead in the months to come. I opened this little beauty, which Tripp found in some obscure boutique in Denver. I loved it instantly, and then I pulled out a small tag tucked into one of the card slots in the inside cover. Made in Scotland. Well, I’ll be darned. He had unknowingly purchased a gift that was pointing to the next step of our lives. Thanks, Tripp.


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