Randomness and all its glory

It has been many days since my last post, and I am finally sitting down to relax…think…type…and share, whilst sitting in my sweats, surrounded by candlelight and 90’s alternative music playing in the background.  It’s nice to wind down.

With no premeditated plans in mind, I took some time this week to do “the random.” With a busy schedule, spontaneity can be quite sparse. It is only by telling myself to “give in” to the urges that I then find unexpected enjoyment. Dropping by that random store; walking down that trail I’ve seen; picking up that book I’ve been eyeing, or trying one of the zillion recipes I’ve pinned on Pinterest when I have the urge to,  instead of letting it all settle back down to the depths of my mind…like books stuck on the top  shelf of the last row of the library archives. Unseen, forgotten, and gathering dust until something comes and jogs my memory even days, weeks, or months later, reminding me that I’ve been saying “Ooo! I’ve wanted to try this” or “Oh! I’ve been meaning to do that”  It’s much too easy to pass all these things up and to say “another day,” “another time.” How many times will I say those things to myself until I actually do something?

My first “give in” moment this week happened when I took an aimless stroll around my public library. The same library my grandmother took me to so many times as a child. I sat on the floor pretzel-legged, flipped through a dozen or so books, thumbed through the DVD collection, and left with some fun finds, including a MASSIVE paper crafts book full of gorgeous pictures. As I walked casually out to my car, with treasures in hand, I decided to delay my departure a bit longer…to enjoy time meandering through a nearby garden full of herbs, fallen leaves, and a small pond. I rubbed my fingers along the leaves of fresh thyme, rosemary, and mint. The sunlight and trees were nearly perfect on that warm October afternoon.




Spontaneity came again when I decided to take a walk down a particular stretch of the Highline Canal in Littleton. It starts right off the road my grandmother’s house sits on, and I’ve driven by it too many times to count. Before that day swarmed with to-do’s, I went and took a walk that has been years in the making. It was beautiful. Cool out, quiet, and peaceful.  The perfect start to my day.


It was as if those moments set the stage for the rest of my week. They gave me the motivation to be more open, more willing, more creative, more flexible. If you know me well, you know that I can enjoy life but I am no poster child for spontaneity! I like schedules, I like structure, and I like predictability. But as I’ve grown older and experienced the “daily grind,” as it is put, I have discovered the necessity of random moments, unplanned excursions, and the occasional disregard of responsibilities and tasks that truly CAN wait, so that I can enjoy some things that have waited long enough.

I found that the spontaneity invigorated me and gave me that extra burst of energy needed to distinguish this week from all the rest. Instead of staying within the dotted lines of a typical week in the life of Haley French, I followed a few urges to switch it up, add some zest, and LIVE a bit more fully than usual. And so it was that I finally cooked a Pinterest meal that has awaited me for 2 years. And so it was that Nathan and I compiled an October movie lineup of our favorite Halloween flicks, including an impulse trip to find the one and only Casper of the 90’s. And so it was that I gathered some lovely supplies for an upcoming craft project. And so it was that I got those extra special moments in prayer.

And so it is that I am thankful for the randomness and all its glory.



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