Rediscoveries & Anticipation

Earlier this week, I spent an evening with my parents, while Nathan had to wrap up some work at the church. I was greeted by the two “piglets.” Scooby and Honeybun–two fawn pugs. Scooby, a slim, barrel-chested brute. And Honeybun, a round waisted dame. If you know me, you know about these two pet loves of mine. They snort, snarfle, and cling to you like two shadows. If not for their hyperactivity as a duo, I would think them to be the best therapy dogs ever. They always brighten a dreary day and bring a lot of laughter and smiles.


So I greeted my little friends, and spent a nice while chatting with my mom. We began to sort through some remaining items in the closet of my old bedroom, laughing at many that have hung there for years, each taking me back to a specific time and place in life. “This is SO my Freshman year at ORU.” “I wore these for Easter that one year…” “Here’s my graduation gown from college!” “I wore these shoes on my trip to Israel ” and on and on. My closet represented years of memories, important moments in my life, and a few embarrassing moments too. Can’t do without those. (Smile).

I also grabbed a zip up trunk of jewelry that I had left in a drawer, reminding myself that I have been meaning to take that home with me for…uh….almost 2 years!! Ha. As I went through the pairs of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., I was reminded again of different seasons of life, places I’ve lived, styles I loved, jobs I’ve done, and all the lovely people along the way. I spotted a bag of some treasures that I had too easily forgotten. Several pairs of sterling Navajo earrings from Santa Fe that my mother had purchased many years ago. Many with beautiful turquoise accents. Mom polished them up for me and I took them home, excited about my rediscovery.

Isn’t it sentimental and entertaining to look through the past via clothes, shoes, jewelry, pictures, keepsakes? It’s amazing how much we can forget until we rediscover! Some things can take you right back to a specific moment, on a specific day, and a specific occasion. When leading a grief group this past spring, I used a lot of literature from Alan Wolfelt, a grief “guru” out of Fort Collins. He talks about linking objects–those things that tie us to a person and remind us of him or her. An old shirt, a wedding ring, a picture, a certain song, etc. I don’t think that linking objects only apply when we lose a loved one in life, but they apply even to us and our own keepsakes, or things from family members that hold special significance. They fondly remind us. They tie us back to a previous time and place. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes sorrowful. Regardless, they are special because they speak of a life that we have lived, and speak mysteriously to our future as well. So in recent days, I’ve thought a lot about sentimentality, rediscoveries, and anticipation.

Candle&Cross Necklace

In a similar vein, Nathan and I parted with his 2004 blue Prius on Wednesday night. Sold to the brother of a friend, who randomly found our listing on Craigslist. From the first phone call to the parting signature on the bill of sale, it only took 2 days. There were LOTS of memories in the Prius, affectionately known as Trish (thanks to our youth group). Nathan picked me up for our first date in the Prius, we ventured on many a road trip on her 4 wheels, stuffed her to the gills when moving, and more. All cleaned out and spiffed up, we signed it over and watched Trish drive away with her new owner behind the wheel. Last night we got our new Prius , passed down by Nathan’s dad to us. AKA Trish 2.0! As a good friend of mine has said, a new car seems to always signify a new season. Tis true, I believe. So let the new road trips commence, the new date night drives to movies and restaurants begin, and the whole new slew of memories get going!

So I sign off with anticipation of new things to come, and marvel at the rediscovery of treasures forgotten.

Happy day to you all,


“Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards.”Β ~Anonymous


2 thoughts on “Rediscoveries & Anticipation

  1. Hi Haley: Unfortunately, I am just the opposite as I don’t save too many things, too much gypsy blood in me! Always need to be ready to move on – oh, except for photo’s, I guess they are my keepers.

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