Saturday biscotti & babble

Biscotti suppliesBiscotti in oven

I decided to bake some homemade almond biscotti today after seeing a delicious recipe in one of my cookbooks. While a few of them turned out a little too crispy for my liking, they were a success and I will thoroughly enjoy dipping them in my coffee over mornings to come! I have  also had a hankering for Vietnamese coffee as of late. So… my loving husband offered to venture up onto Federal Blvd. to locate a Vietnamese coffee maker. It will be a nice addition to our ever-growing coffee accessory line. (Smile).

Cut biscotti

If you’ve never tried Vietnamese coffee, you must! Strong brewed coffee, dripped slowly into a glass, atop a rich layer of  condensed milk, then mixed with ice/or enjoyed hot. Delish! I will show you how below…and if you think it might be something you’d enjoy, you can visit the Little Saigon market on Federal (or your own local Vietnamese market) and pick up a maker for appx. $7.00.

Here is how I make Vietnamese coffee. Make a note that you can enjoy it hot or cold! I ended up icing ours today.

V. Coffee Supplies Start with a can of condensed milk (appx. 3-4 teaspoons of condensed milk per glass/mug),  ground coffee (I used our Starbucks dark roast today), your Vietnamese coffee maker, glasses or mugs (depending on if you want it iced or hot), and boiling water.

Water on V. Coffee

When using a Vietnamese coffee maker, you put roughly 3-4 teaspoons of ground coffee into the coffee maker. You then loosely screw on the next filter with the rod sticking up (as seen above). Pour a slight amount of boiling water into the maker to let the grounds expand. Wait 10 seconds or so, and then pour water into the maker until it reaches the top of the coffee maker, OR to the point that your glass/mug can hold (with room for ice, if you’re making it cold). The coffee will drip through into your glass on top of the condensed milk. You want to set the lid on top of the maker as it drips, so it can steep properly.

V. Coffee Making

Once it finishes dripping, remove the coffee maker. Place a spoon into the glass (if putting in ice), and then stir the condensed milk into the coffee. Then E.N.J.O.Y!

In addition to my Saturday kitchen adventures, I have been taking my own advice lately on creativity and I decided to make a simple, yet adorable votive candle holder. You know me and candles! So I made a pit stop in Michael’s the other day, picked up a $1.50 mason jar, some tan and cream colored baker’s twine, some brown satin ribbon, and a small decorative fall wreath to go around the bottom.

Homemade Candle Holder

I wrapped the twine and ribbon around the top of the mason jar, along the ridges of where the jar lid would thread on to seal, then tied a simple and loose bow, inserted a scented votive into the jar, and voila! Cheap, cute, and easy! Took all of 5 minutes to complete. And there are SO many options as to how you might do this. Different colored ribbon and twine, different colored mason jars (I saw some light blue ones as well as the clear), and different decorative touches to put at the bottom. I even thought about putting some coffee beans in my jar to support the votive, but opted to keep it simple and leave the beans out this time. But the options are endless!


So I will leave you today with these random food and craft ideas, and I will now venture into an afternoon of rest and relaxation.  The bulk of our September busyness is quickly approaching, so I will relish in the enjoyment of Saturday biscotti and babble, and the opportunity to be at home, with the smell of baked goods in the air, college football on the tube, drinking Vietnamese coffee with my hubs.

Much love!



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