So fresh and so clean

Little Did I KnowThat’s what this blog is…so fresh and so clean. Brand. new. I am, self-admittedly, a “bad blogger.” I always have the best intentions to remain committed to the purpose of my blogs. To write often and to share inspiring words with all who will listen. But knowing how my commitments have waned in the past, I promised myself this time that I would not set impossibly high standards for this site. I would simply follow the fluttery excitement in my heart to create something new, and take it where it leads.

Like this picture of Nathan and I paddling a canoe two months before our wedding, on a small secluded pond in the middle of the majestically looming Rocky Mountains…so is the feeling of being little me in the scheme and valley of a greater purpose and on the path of the Great Guide. So if anything, I will use this as my place to share insights, prayers, longings, reflections, and lovely things that catch my eye, hoping that they will speak to you too. That my words and thoughts may be an encouragement to you when you need them.

Love and blessings.


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